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Friday Edition | 19 August 2022

Getting serious about sustainability strategies


Energy costs can account for more than 50% of the total operating expenses of a data centre, so it’s no surprise that data centre operators, manufacturers, and suppliers are looking for ways to reduce energy bills. One solution is to continuously improve energy efficiency through the use of cost-effective infrastructure and equipment.

HARTING’s Han-Eco connectors can reduce the electricity consumption for connection technology by up to 50% compared to standard CEE interfaces by using low-impedance contacts. This reduces the power lost in connections and significantly improves the Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of data centres.

Read this white paper to find out more.

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Making an effective sustainability strategy a priority

Developing an effective sustainability strategy has become a top-tier imperative for operators of digital infrastructure, says Uptime Institute’s Andy Lawrence.


Data centres hit with soaring energy bills, unreliable power

Small data centres across the UK and Ireland have seen their energy bills soar as a result of rising costs for electricity, according to Aggreko’s latest report.


Keysource to support liquid cooling integration at Getronics data centre

IT services company Getronics has appointed Keysource to support the integration of immersive liquid cooling into Getronics’ data centre in Runcorn, UK.


Chanos is predicting the wrong endgame

David Bloom of Goldacre Ventures explains why he thinks the future of 'legacy' brick and mortar data centres is bright.



Riello UPS’s super-efficient NextEnergy (NXE) range of uninterruptible power supplies just got even bigger!

Our new 800 kVA version means you can now protect data centres and other mission-critical applications up to a massive 6.4 MVA in parallel.

The latest addition to our transformerless UPS series, the NXE 800 joins the already popular 250-300-400-500-600 kVA versions.

Like the rest of the range, it delivers unity power (pf 1) and TÜV-certified efficiency of 97% in a compact footprint, saving you money and space while guaranteeing exceptional performance and reliability.

NXE also incorporates energy-saving features like ECO mode (>99% efficiency) and ACTIVE ECO mode (>98.5% efficiency) that reduce your power consumption and electricity costs.

With front to top ventilation and front access for maintenance, NextEnergy eliminates the need for rear clearance, giving you the flexibility of space-saving installation against the wall or even back-2-back.



BT Wholesale introduces 100Gb Data Centre Connect

BT Wholesale has introduced 100Gb Data Centre Connect (DCC), which allows partners to meet demand for higher bandwidth through the use of a single 100Gbps data centre port.


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